10 amazing concept watercolor paintings made by Vijay Kiyawat.

Water-colorist ”Vijay Kiyawat”

What art?

Essentially one goes for paintings/wall hangings (2D art) for the walls, and sculptures (3D art) for floors/tables. Since floor space is at premium, one ends up acquiring more paintings than sculptures in a home or office. Some sculptures do go beautifully on walls (even the exposed walls) or in verandahs, or in home gardens as well. Do take opinion of others but finally buy a painting or sculpture that brings you happy, mood uplifting feeling; adding colour, visual harmony and becoming part of your overall decor. You should feel like seeing it again and again. And mind you, art would reflect your personality. So be careful.

Beautiful watercolor paintings by an Vijay Kiyawat .To find more such artwork, visit  https://vijaykiyawat.com/ . Touchika is a platform to promote the artists, we encourage you to support the artist in any way you can (by sharing his/her work, buying his/her work, leaving positive testimonials and other ways).

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