Awesome car miniature craft on outdoor table, super talent.

Felix Hernandez is a brilliant artist, using miniature installations to capture amazing photos, which look better than real life. He uses the effects of depth and distance, which gives an impression of real life photography. Do have a look at some of his super creations:The picture shows a car with a shiny black background, grey stripes, and the number two in a grey circle.  The car looks very beautiful.  There is an image of a hand holding a blue aerosol spray paint can applying paint to the car thereby enhancing its natural beauty.  The car looks like a work of art, and should have its picture framed in a major museum because it looks so flawless and beautiful. Another picture shows Hernandez buffing a sports car by adding streaks to it.  The picture to the left shows Hernandez pumping more air into the tires to make the tires very inflated and strong, thereby allowing it to easily compete in racing competitions.  In the final photo which is above the two other pictures, and in the center, the sports car is seen looking triumphant and majestic with big black tires, and a blaze of blue electric fire coming out of its front while blazing a trail of fire while moving.  The allusion to immense beauty and power is obvious. Timeless beauty, power, and mystery, Hernandez’s works of art bring out the real beauty, power, and mystery in an ordinary car.  His pictures and work show that it is possible for any car to be as mysterious, powerful, and beautiful as one of the most popular paintings in the world! This beautiful creative work is by Hernandez, you can find his work here on this link: Hernandez, Touchika is a platform to promote the artists, we encourage you to support the artist in anyway you can (by sharing his/her work, buying his/her work, leaving positive testimonials and others).

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