Ever seen this before? minimalism line art by DIFFERANTLY

Lots of you asked for the whole #skull drawing session that was featured in the backtsage video we posted back in May. Here is uncut Stephane in action. Any resemblance to homo erectus doodling in a cave is purely coincidental. Such large scale “one stroke” piece requires great upstream preparation as the hand/arm/whole body movements must be perfectly coordinated to ensure precision and fluidity. Just like a choregraphy, Stephane trains the movement several times to be able to take possession of the whole space. As we need a brush that never comes out of paint during the whole drawing, we use a homemade tool (homo habilis style) which combines a brush head with an ink reservoir. Pretty ugly but effective. (Japanese ink on paper, 250x150cm, sold) Music : Com Truise - Propagation #oneline #singleline #wallart #art

Posted by DFT on Thursday, October 26, 2017

DFT, also known as Differantly, is an artist duo based in Paris and Berlin. they deconstruct the world into one line minimalism .To find more such artwork, visit : DFT . Touchika is a platform to promote the artists, we encourage you to support the artist in any way you can (by sharing his/her work, buying his/her work, leaving positive testimonials and other ways).

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